Official Forbes Council Coach

National Spokesperson for The Coca-Cola Company's 5by20 STEP training initiative for women entrepreneurs.

Becky A. Davis is ready to help elevate your business or career to the next level.

BOSSPRENEUR ACCELERATION STARTUP PROGRAM - Successfully launch your business idea

Bosspreneur Acceleration Startup Kit. This home self-study learning program is designed to help executives, mid-level managers, supervisors, and employees lay a solid foundation to start and launch a successful business, or from launch to accelerate, in 90 days or take your time and complete the work in 12 months. It's your choice. You'll receive the home study kit, which includes access to an audio's, videos and the training module workbook.

Plus, we’ve just added several bonuses, the Boss Moves Book, BOSSpreneur T-Shirt, a set of value cards included for activity in the workbook.

Everything you need to know to start a business and more is inside.

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CRACKING THE BOSS CODE PROGRAM - Unlock cash and clients

Cracking Your Business Boss Code. This for the entrepreneur in business for over two years. You are not where you want to be growth and revenue wise or you've experienced some success but not growing clients or revenue fast enough and ready to accelerate your success. You know that you are missing something but unsure of what it is which causes frustration and overwhelm.

Our proven system has helped countless women entrepreneurs open the treasure chest of increased clients and cash for their business. We help clients create a business model and blueprint that will sustain business growth long term. Let's put your plan together and crack your unique code in business.

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We work with the most ambitious and fastest growing small businesses across the US providing the skills, knowledge, training and business coaching to achieve and sustain peak performance growth. We help high-achieving, success-driven people build and grow a business that creates financial freedom and increase your quality of life. We focus on helping clients to create an STRENGTH-BASED culture. We have consistently found that when employees know and use their strengths, the effects on individuals, teams and organizational performance is spectacular.

This knowledge is delivered through our tailored nationally recognized business coaching and training programs for GROWTH-focused companies and individuals. Our programs are designed to ensure that you and your leaders realize their real potential.

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DROP THE MIC SPEAKER TRAINING - Grow your business speaking

In our Drop The Mic Speaker Immersion, we start from wherever you are and take you to the next level regarding confidence and skill. DROP THE MIC is a deep immersion into effective and engaging speaking and presenting skills.

This coaching program is flexible enough to consider the presenter’ skill level, message, and industry, but structured enough to help you to achieve your outcomes.

Maybe you are comfortable talking but can you INFLUENCE? Many people can stand up in front of a group, yet very few can move that group into action. If you work for an organization, you know that the higher up you go, the more important your presentation skills become. If you are a business owner, speaking and presenting is a key factor in helping your business growth.

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